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Experience Year-Round Oktoberfest at The Biergarten Restaurant in EPCOT

What is the Biergarten Restaurant in EPCOT?

The Biergarten Restaurant is a table service buffet-style restaurant located within the Germany pavilion in EPCOT, where Oktoberfest is celebrated all year round. The Biergarten is open for lunch and dinner and serves authentic German cuisine buffet-style. At the time of filming, the price is $49 per adult and $27 for children under 10.

Table of Contents:

What is the atmosphere like at the Biergarten Restaurant?

Interior view of Biergarten Restaurant in Epcot, featuring a rustic stage decorated with festive lights and wreaths. Communal wooden tables and benches are arranged around the stage in a cozy, twilight setting, with patrons dining and enjoying the vibrant atmosphere.
The interior of Biergarten Restaurant

At the Biergarten, you’ll be transported to a traditional Bavarian village as you feast on authentic German food. In the dining room, you’ll sit at biergarten communal-style tables under an outdoor twilight atmosphere. Unless you have a large party, you will be seated with other people at your table. The tables are theater-style in tiers around a stage, where an energetic Polka band performs at various times throughout the day.

I loved the atmosphere at Biergarten. It is really immersive, and you feel as though you have stepped into a lively German festival. The twilight setting, combined with the rustic decor and vibrant music, creates a cozy and welcoming ambiance...and I just loved it.

What kind of entertainment can you expect at the Biergarten?

A lively Polka band performing on stage at Biergarten Restaurant in Epcot. The musicians, dressed in traditional Bavarian attire, play instruments including a tuba, trumpet, accordion, and drums. The stage is decorated with festive lights and a backdrop of a picturesque Bavarian village scene.
The Polka Band

The Polka band at the Biergarten is so much fun! They are dressed in their lederhosen, and play several different instruments like the bells, the glockenspiel (a percussion instrument consisting of pitched aluminum or steel bars), and even an alphorn, which you may recognize from the old Ricola commercials. As they perform, guests are invited up to the front to dance along with the music. During the performance, you’ll be encouraged to raise your steins high and toast biergarten-style!

What is on the menu at the Biergarten Restaurant?

Close-up of a basket filled with freshly baked pretzel rolls at Biergarten Restaurant in Epcot. A small bowl of creamy cheese sauce is in the background. A hand with pink nail polish is seen using tongs to pick up one of the pretzel rolls.
The delicious Pretzel Rolls

The food here is served buffet-style, and there’s a wide variety of cuisine to choose from.

  • Salad Bar: Mixed Greens, Macaroni Salad, Bean Salad, German Potato Salad, Tomato Salad, Cucumber Salad, Beet Salad, Assorted Cheeses, Sausage Salad, Liverwurst, and Ring Bologna.

  • Main Dishes: Pretzel Rolls, Cheese and Beer Soup, Sausages and Bratwurst, Sauerkraut, Roasted Potatoes, Roasted Chicken, Green Beans, Seasonal Fish with Vinaigrette (Salmon during our visit), Meatballs, Red Wine Sauce, and Pork Schnitzel.

  • Sides and More: Warm German Potato Salad, Red Cabbage, Herb Spätzle, Sauerbraten, and Pork Roast carved by a meat carver.

  • Desserts: Pineapple with Berry Compote, Blueberry Crumble Cake, Bavarian Cheesecake, Brownie, Black Forest Cake, Hand-pulled Apple Strudel, and Chocolate Chip Cookies.

  • Drinks: Wide variety of beers and wines, including beer and wine flights.

Everything we tried was delicious. My favorite was the Salmon, the meatballs, and the red cabbage. Noah’s favorites were the Meatballs, Cheese and Beer Soup, and the Bavarian Cheesecake.

Tips and Tricks for dining at the Biergarten Restaurant

  • Polka Band Performance: The Polka band only plays at various times throughout the day. Our reservations were for 12:20 pm, but the band didn’t start playing until 1:15 pm. If you get an early reservation, you may miss the performance, which is a highlight of this restaurant.

  • Reservations and Park Admission: Confirmed reservations are required for the total number of guests regardless of age, as well as a theme park reservation and valid admission. Dining reservations alone do not guarantee park access.

  • Buffet Style: All meals are served buffet-style and are all-you-can-eat, making it a great way to try a variety of foods. There’s enough variety to satisfy everyone in your family, including picky eaters.

  • Disney Dining Plan: The Biergarten is included with the Disney Dining Plan, allowing you to use one of your table service meals here.

  • Discounts: Annual Passholders receive a 10% discount on the regular price of food and nonalcoholic beverages at this location.

Interior view of Biergarten Restaurant in Epcot, showing a rustic wooden waterwheel and autumnal foliage decor. The scene is warmly lit, enhancing the cozy Bavarian village atmosphere. In the background, a stage adorned with festive lights and a red curtain adds to the ambiance, while diners enjoy their meals in the foreground.
The moving windmill is beautiful detail I really appreciated!

Whether you're a fan of German cuisine, enjoy lively entertainment, or are simply looking for a unique dining experience, Biergarten Restaurant in EPCOT is a perfect choice. Families will appreciate the variety of delicious buffet options that cater to all tastes, while the communal seating and energetic Polka band performances create a festive atmosphere that’s perfect for making new friends and creating lasting memories. If you love trying new foods and enjoy cultural experiences, this Bavarian village setting will transport you to the heart of Oktoberfest, any time of year.


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